Ibew Amtrak Contract 2018

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Amtrak have recently reached a new collective bargaining agreement that covers approximately 1,800 electrical workers employed by Amtrak across the United States. The contract, which was ratified on 14th May 2018, will last through to December 2021.

The negotiations between IBEW and Amtrak began in late 2017, with both parties coming to the table with different proposals and needs. However, after several months of negotiations, a mutually acceptable agreement was reached.

The new contract provides amenities such as wage increases, improved healthcare coverage, and an increase in vacation time for Amtrak`s electrical workers. The wage increase provisions are staggered over the contract period, with the first increase implemented in January 2018, and two more scheduled for January 2019 and January 2020. The healthcare coverage is also enhanced, with several new benefits added to the current plans, including improved dental and vision coverage.

In addition to these benefits, the new contract also provides better job security for workers. The agreement includes a guarantee that Amtrak will have no layoffs in the electrical workers` union during the contract`s duration. The language in the agreement also helps ensure that workers will have access to training opportunities that will allow them to advance their careers and remain competitive in the job market.

The successful negotiation of this contract not only benefits Amtrak`s 1,800 electrical workers but also the broader community. Amtrak plays a significant role in the transportation network of the United States, providing safe and efficient travel options for millions of people annually. The electrical workers who maintain and repair the trains` electrical systems ensure that passengers can travel safely and on time.

The IBEW and Amtrak`s successful negotiations demonstrate the value of collective bargaining agreements, which can result in mutual benefits for both labor and management. The negotiation process can be complex and challenging, but with commitment and dedication to collaboration, the outcome can be a win-win situation.

In summary, the new IBEW-Amtrak contract of 2018 provides benefits such as wage increases, improved healthcare coverage, and better job security for approximately 1,800 electrical workers employed by Amtrak across the United States. The successful agreement highlights the importance of collective bargaining in ensuring mutual benefits for labor and management and the broader community.